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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Writing Strengths - What Are Yours?

Writing strengths — every successful writer either has them or develops them over time. Sometimes it’s difficult for a new writer to see their abilities objectively, so here’s a list of mine. Not everyone will have the same ones, but the following qualities are major assets in my writing.

writing strengths

1. Discipline
2. Working Solo
3. Inner Eye
4. Inner Ear
5. Curiosity
6. Voracious Appetite
7. Grasp of Language
8. Enjoyment

1. Discipline —

I’ll be honest. I’m stubborn as all get-out. When I make my mind up, it takes an act of the gods to get me to change it. (Ask my mother… I once left a candy bar on the counter for weeks because I’d made up my mind not to eat it. My little brother eventually scored the chocolate.)

Even obstinacy doesn’t fully help with the primary skill all writers need to acquire. You’d think it would. Daily sitting my butt in front of the computer is a toughie!

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