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Monday, July 27, 2015

Robecca Austin - Midyear check in 2015

I find time passing more quickly than previous years which is laughable since they are exactly twelve months annually year after year.

I wrote new words for most of this year 2015. I’m also working of editing and finishing a few older pieces. It’s also the last stretch for the novel writing class I’m taking. Blacksmith’s Wife, a short fiction is being edited before going out to my first readers.

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Monday, July 20, 2015

Mid-Year Checkin (yes I'm late)

One of the January goals I’m doing the worst on is keeping up with my blog posts :p But I haven’t been great with many of the others. Not terrible, either, for the most part. How am I doing with the rest? Check it out at

Sunday, July 19, 2015

MGR Tour: Mid-Year Check-In

Howdy, MGRers. We're avoiding the mid-summer heat and staying cool while we check on our progress for the year so far. Here's mine -- the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Merry-Go-Round Blog Tour: July - Mid-Year Check-In - how you're doing on your January goals

Picture is Goal by oscarsnapshotter via
I haven't checked on my annual goals for awhile so this is a great chance for me to check out where I am!
1. Upgrade my blog site to a real website: I've been poking at this for awhile but at the end of June I went into WordPress and poked around until I figured out I needed to do a domain mapping to make everything work correctly. This $13 dollar per year fix seems to have been the final step. Yay. Up to this point I'd been double posting my posts on both the Wordpress site and the GoDaddy site. Not convenient at all. I'm so happy!
2. Research the pros and cons of selling my books from my own website. If it seems good, get that page set up: Umm, nope. Nothing done on that but, to be honest, just got the website going. I still have some time before the end of the year.
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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Margaret McGaffey Fisk - Mid-Year Check-In 2015

2015 Merry Go Round Blog TourIt can be easy when looking forward to see everything you have still to do and despair. It's one of the reasons I do monthly goals on Forward Motion. The goals matter less than the review at the end of the month which gives me a glimmer of just how much I've accomplished...whether directly related to those goals or not.

So, here we are halfway through the year. I know I have a lot more to do before the annual clock ticks over, but what have I accomplished?

On the writing front:
  1. I wrote the How Beer Saved the World, Book 2 story in January.
  2. I finished writing Uncommon Lords and Ladies, Book 3 in January (started in November).
  3. I wrote The Steamship Chronicles, Book 4 from March to June.
  4. I am now writing Apprentice (Seeds Among the Stars, Book 3).
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