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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Monday, May 18, 2015

Merry-Go-Round Blog Tour: May - In Memoriam or My Favorite Books

I was a pre-teen when I discovered science fiction. I was a reader before then and not the easy stuff either. I read Gone With the Wind when I was twelve. I wonder now what the librarian who checked out the book for me thought but she never said a word about the appropriateness of that title for a 12-year-old.
My first SciFi authors? E.E. "Doc" Smith, Robert Heinlein, Issac Asimov, and Arthur C. Clarke, all sadly gone now. No one told me that those books were for boys. I read through them avidly and reread them over and over. If you haven't read Doc Smith's the Lensman, it can be kind of dated but the last book in the series really shows women in a strong light and the ultimate conclusion must have been controversial at the time. Probably still is. No spoilers, read the series.
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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Margaret McGaffey Fisk - In Memoriam - Desmond O'Grady, Poet and Friend

2015 Merry Go Round Blog Tour
There are people in your life that are pivotal to how you perceive the world, even if you don't know their full story, even if it was a fragment of your existence.

Desmond O'Grady was one of those people for me. I met him when I was about six years old. I had no idea how old he was beyond "adult" and didn't learn until last year when he died that he was an internationally known poet. I knew he had some measure of fame from how my family visited him in Boston when he was doing a reading, but I saw my Desmond with little understanding of the bigger picture.

So while his bios and tributes talk about what schools he taught at, the places he'd been and who he met, I'm going to talk about the adult who didn't care about age, who wasn't perfect, had some bizarre quirks, and created strong communities of fascinating people.
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Monday, May 4, 2015

Thoughts on Pratchett

Sometimes, reading an author's earlier work can leave a reader disappointed. Come check out my blog to see why I don't think that's true of Terry Pratchett.