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Friday, July 22, 2011

How to Put Books on A Nonexistent Nightstand

When the topic for this blog tour came up--it's "Books on My Nightstand"--I didn't quite know what to make of it since . . . well, here's the problem: I don't have a nightstand. I didn't even know what a nightstand was until it was mentioned in the blog tour. Don't worry, though. I've looked it up on Wikipedia since. Anyway, back to where we left: I don't have a nightstand. But my personal bookshelf is filled way beyond capacity, so I've had to store a fair number of my books on--guess what--my bed. And since the book-bearing area on my bed is pretty big (it's not even a shelf-thingy on the headboard--the books are really, physically, on the bed), it appears that I have more books here than most people do on my nightstands. Naturally, most of them are rather recent acquisitions, but sometimes I cycle books back and forth between my bed and bookshelf when I get bored of my nocturnal reading material. Here's a list of the things currently on my bed, or at least the ones whose titles I can look up without upsetting the precarious balance of their piles.